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Selected Publications

Holloway, L., Qu, L., Mohr-Schroeder, M. J., Azadeh, V., Balda, J. C., Benigni, A., Colliver, D., Dolloff, P., Dougal, R., Faruque, O., Fei, Z., Liao, Y., McCann, R., Nelms, R. M., Singh, V., & Zhou, Q. (2017). A multi-institutional approach to delivering shared curricula for developing a next-generation energy workforce. IEEE Access: Special Section on Innovations in Electrical and Computer Engineering Education, 5, 1416 – 1427. DOI: 10.1109/ACCESS.2017.2664419

Saderholm, J., Ronau, R. N., Rakes, C. R., Bush, S. B., & Mohr-Schroeder, M. (2016). The critical role of a well-articulated, coherent design in professional development: An evaluation of a state-wide two-week program for mathematics and science teachers. Professional Development in Education. DOI: 10.1080/19415257.2016.1251485 Available from:

Lawler, B. R., Ronau, R. N., & Mohr-Schroeder, M. J. (Eds.). (2016). Proceedings of the fifth annual Mathematics Teacher Education Partnership conference. Washington, DC: Association of Public Land-grant Universities.

+Mohr-Schroeder, M. J., Cavalcanti, M., & Blyman, K. (2015). STEM education: Understanding the changing landscape. In A. Sahin (Ed.), A practice-based model of effective science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education teaching: STEM Students on the State (S.O.S) model, pp. 3 – 14. Rotterdam, The Netherlands: Sense.

+Jackson, C., Mohr-Schroeder, M., & Little, D. L. (2014). Using informal learning environments to prepare preservice teachers. Teacher Education & Practice – STEM Education Special Issue, 27, 445-463.

+^Mohr-Schroeder, M. J., Jackson, C., Miller, M., Walcott, B., Little, D. L., Speler, L., Schooler, W., & Schroeder, D. C. (2014). Developing middle school students’ interests in STEM via summer learning experiences: See Blue STEM Camp. School Science and Mathematics – STEM Special Issue, 114(6), 291-301. DOI: 10.1111/ssm.12079

*+Badurdeen, F., Brown, A., Gregory, R., Fu, H., Schroeder, M., Sekulic, D., Vincent, L. & Luhan, G. (2013). Reframing interdisciplinary approaches to systems thinking for sustainability. In M. Bilec & J. Chol (Eds.), Proceedings of the International Symposium on Sustainable Systems & Technologies (ISSN 2329-9169).

Eli, J. A., Mohr-Schroeder, M. J., & Lee, C. W. (2013). Mathematical connections and their relationship to mathematics knowledge for teaching geometry. School Science and Mathematics, 113(3), 120-134.

Eli, J. A., Mohr-Schroeder, M. J., & Lee, C. W. (2011). Exploring mathematical connections of prospective middle-grades teachers through card-sorting tasks. Mathematics Education Research Journal, 23, 297-319.

+Miriti, L., & Mohr-Schroeder, M. J. (2011). Using online social networking to connect university supervisors to secondary mathematics student teachers’ experiences. AMTE Monograph Series, 7, 57-71.

Mohr, M. J. (2006). Mathematics knowledge for teaching. School Science and Mathematics, 106, 219.

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