Energy and Pigs…Oh my!

IMG_2454 reducedThe Yellow/Green groups had a busy day off site at the Center for Applied Energy Research! The students really enjoyed the different activities. They learned about Newton’s Laws through Newton’s Cradle, explored energy through balloons, rubber bands, and masking tape; and built some electromagnets. The energy walk was a bit warm, so they cut that a little short, but the students were great about drinking a lot of water! It was a great fun-filled day!IMG_1206 reduced

The Red/Blue groups faced their dissection fears and had a great day learning about animals, necropsy and organs. Dr. Bryant is a very passionate and engaging presenter and showed the students why her job was important. She studies why animals die in order to help prevent it from happening in the future. Our students at camp have very large hearts and were very concerned for the animals that had died; but rest assured, no animals were harmed and the students discussed ethical issues of animal research. They got to see some really cool things – such as round worms, a IMG_7382 reducedcancerous cow organ, a horse heart, etc. After that, the students got to do their own exploring and learning about organs by dissecting a pig. Most of them handled the dissection really well; they were excited to use the special tools and explore the different parts! Some needed a little more encouragement or sat with me while I dissected for them and then we explored together. 🙂 While learning about the different organs and their functions, they played bingo as well!

In their words…

Yellow/Green Groups –

IMG_0614 reducedWhat did you learn about today that you did not know before?

  • that if i ran a company biomass would bring in the most money
  • i learned that there are tons of different ways to save electricity
  • i learned about different types of energy and how much energy different household items use
  • i learned that the more electrons some thing has, the stronger the magnetic field is
  • That even though some energy is good for your wallet, does not mean its good for the environment.
IMG_3613 reducedWhat did you like about what you learned today?
  • we got to generate electricity
  • i liked learning how to make wire spin forever
  • i learned cheap ways of getting feul
  • there was hands on and what we were learning about was interesting
  • i enjoyed learning about how many kilowates go into certain devices
  • I liked the way people explained things. It kept me interested and it also made sense
  • That people are trying hard to find a cheap and efficient way to make energy good for the environmentIMG_7373 reduced
Would you like to learn more about this topic?  Why or why not?
  • more ways that they are helping us be green
  • yes, i could learn different ways to make and save energy
  • yes, because chemistry plays a large role in finding ways to preserve energy

Red/Blue Groups

IMG_7399 reducedWhat did you learn about today that you did not know before?
  • I learned that I can disect a fetal pig without feeling too sick
  • that Disecting things could find Desesises in animals.
  • That a horse can die from constapation
  • I did not no that some people disected animals to see what was wrong with them.
  • I learned how to disect a pig and other things to do with necrology.
  • That worms have 5 brain.
IMG_7379 reducedWhat did you like about what you learned today?
  • That you can send a animal to a veteranaryan for an atopsy
  • Intestines are like spaggetti
  • I like that it was fun and interesting but it was very gross.
Would you like to learn more about this topic?  Why or why not?
  • No because I felt sick and I dont want to barf
  • Yes, because I want to dissect humans as a pathologist.
  • No, because I don’t like seeing guts and removing Hearts and other stuff.
  • no, I do not prefer this subject.
  • Yes, I would want to learn more because I like gross things.

IMG_7374 reducedConversation Starters

Yellow/Green Groups

  • How do we preserve energy?
  • What kind of fuel is the most efficient?
  • What happened to the balls in the Newton’s Cradle?
  • What could we do at home to become more energy efficient or to generate more energy?

Red/Blue Groups

  • What is animal necropsy? Why do we do it?
  • What did you learn today about the organs?
  • Which is larger…a horse’s heart or the horse’s brain?
  • What was the coolest thing you saw today? What was the grossest thing you saw today?
  • What challenges did you complete in robotics?
  • How do you decide what to program onto your robot?

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