Sticky and Humid Fun!

It’s hard to believe it’s almost the end of the week! We’ve had a blast with this first group this year! We managed to keep the rain away for another day. It got a little close at the end of pick up 🙂

Working on their circuits!

The red and blue groups did circuits today with Dr. Lumpp. They did an awesome job! There was quite a bit of upper mathematics in it and they did a fabulous job. It’s amazing what learning in context does for the kids! They solved a variety of challenges presented to them on their circuit boards. There were lots of smiles and shouts of glee when they connected a circuit correctly! In robotics, they did another creative and open build today. A majority chose to do some sort of doodle bot, which they figured out could actually do spirographs!

The yellow and green groups experienced how we use STEM in measuring human body performance with Dr. Bergstrom and her team. They were amazed at all the facts and had a lot of fun collecting their own data and conducting their investigations. In robotics today, they worked on the maze and the C-A-T-S – CATS – CATS – CATS challenge. For the students who finished that, they jumped into the Lego Challenge mats. Everyone is doing such a great job programming and tinkering with their different variables!

In Vex Robotics today, they did some more moving blocks and using the arm. They dove deeper into the coding. It’s different code – they use C – then what many are used to with the Ev3 or WeDo 2.0 coding. They are having a competition tomorrow and so we are going to LiveStream it for families to see.

In their words…

Red/Blue Groups

  • I Learned all about sercits.
  • whats inside a computer.
  • I learned that computers have fans to keep them cool.
  • [I want to learn more about circuits because] it was interesting and sparked my creativeity.
  • I wan’t to be a inventer when I grow up!
  • it helps your mind grow.

Yellow/Green Groups

  • I learned that wenn the diagram goes down the lungs expand and whent the diagram goes up the lungs close in. [diaphragm]
  • I Learned how to check my pulse.
  • I liked when we made lungs out of a bottle and balloons
  • I liked how we got to learn about us and not just about generalized human diarama.

Conversation Starters…

Red/Blue Groups

  • What does the inside of a computer look like?
  • How did you build your circuits?
  • What makes the circuits work?
  • What did you build with your robot today?
  • What did you get your robot to do?

Yellow/Green Groups

  • How do our lungs and diaphragm work together?
  • How did your jump compare to an NFL athlete?
  • How did you build a model of the lungs and diaphragm? What did it show you?
  • What challenges did you complete with your robot today? What do you want to accomplish tomorrow?

Picture of the Day…

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